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Hello Coaches,
After a lot of preparation it's great to finally begin playing basketball.  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend the evaluations so some adjustments may be made to your team in the next couple of weeks. 
Here are some helpful hints:
1)  If you were unable to attend Coaches Training, please peruse the “Coaches Training Power Point” attached.  The key to this week and every week is to PREPARE.  Prepare for your team's practice and prepare for the devotion (sent earlier).  If you are uncomfortable doing the devotion please check with your co-coach or the Prayer/Coach Commissioner (Greg Dorrell or Ron Tabor).  Getting the "Good News" to your players is tantamount in the Upward program. 
2)  An excellent resource for basketball practice, drills, and skills is at or the upward app (note that we will not be using the devotions from that app).  Similar drills are available in the “Upward Coaches Playbook” (see attachment). Try to turn your drills into a game.  Make it FUN! 
Note:  We will have 3 balls/team, cones, and pennies available to you (you may bring additional balls)
3) You should have received your rosters in a previous email.  If you have time to contact your players and have a short chat with them that would be great (they will be receiving a practice schedule for this week also).
4) In your post-practice Huddle remember to hand out a green star for every player that participated in the devotion.  Feel free to include the parents and ask if any parent would like to be a Team Mom or Dad (coordinates snacks, stars, etc).  You will have to owe your players green stars—they will come in with the player packs.
5) Tentative Practice Schedule:
               Pre-practice Huddle                                                                      5 min    
               Fundamentals-skills & drills                                                       45 min.
               Devotion #2—See attachment                                                    15 min.
               Flex time--Add'l skills, team defense & offense, scrimmage     40 min.
               Post-practice Huddle--(green stars)                                              5 min.
Note:  The 1/2 Boys and Girls can conclude their practice in 90 minutes if desired
6) If you were unable to attend Coaches Training, please peruse the Coaches Training Power Point.
The Upward Staff is available to help you make this an excellent season of basketball learning, playing, and fun for all.  Remember that you have a great opportunity to be a "difference maker" in the relationships you will have with each individual child and making sure that "Every Child is a Winner".
God bless and remember to Go Upward!
The Upward Staff

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